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25 of The Best Reactions From R. Kelly's Intense GMA Interview With Gayle King!

After spending years of dodging the law and seemingly all sense of morals, R. Kelly has officially fallen from the grace of public opinion, but that hasn't stopped him from clinging to the edge of understanding. In a last ditch effort to clear his name, Kelly sat down with Gayle King of Good Morning America to discuss his rumored past of sexual abuse and current accusations of predatory behavior.

After being hit with 10 fresh counts for the same conduct, the R&B singer sat down with the CBS host in a tearful interview and it was...interesting to say the least.

In short, Kelly denied everything and, aside from his willfully ignorant supporters, everyone was quite over all of it! Check out some of our favorite reactions from social media that summed up the cringe-worthy sit down.

Like Gayle's impressive yet savage level of couth!

or Kelly's strange way of defending himself

And then there was just the overall struggle to make it through the interview in general

But last but not least all of the memes that we got adding a MUCH needed sense of brevity to this cesspool of tragedy




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