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Are Things Really Okkurrr With Cardi B And Nicki Minaj?! Fans Wonder After New "Shady" Interview!

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have had a long and complicated history since the Bodak Yellow beauty officially emerged onto the mainstream music scene in 2017. However after their last social media back and forth, the proclaimed Queen of Rap declared that she would focus on purely on positivity and aside from the occasional passive aggressive instagram/twitter like, the two ladies have seemingly remained cordial ever since.

But fans of the female emcees began revving up their respective sides once again after a new interview clip emerged. That's right, while on the red carpet, Cardi was asked if she would ever truly make up and collaborate with the 'Super Bass' star again and her response was...insanely awkward.

Check it out after the jump:

While some labelled Cardi's reply, or lack thereof, as "shady" many commended the bronx emcee for remaining neutral and not saying something explicitly negative. As you may remember the two ladies collaborated on the now ICONIC hip hop track 'Motorsport' but since have been embroiled in what some have described as a one-sided feud, largely ignited by the media who pitted the women against each other with unnecessary comparisons and assumptions based on each ladies' song lyrics.

While Cardi may not fully be ready to play nice at least she has managed to keep those "bloody shoes" to herself this year (so far). In the meantime, we'll continue to support both of these queens...and this lowkey legendary BOP!



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