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Are You Here For It?!: Ray J & Brandy Are Reportedly Preparing A Joint Album

In case you missed Ray J recently sat down with ABC Radio to dish about his latest music venture! The Love And Hip Hop star is reportedly preparing a collaborative album with his legendary big sister Brandy That's right the One Wish singer dished on the process saying: “I’ve been waiting on this project for a long time,” According to Ray the idea first came up while he was assisting Brandy in preparing her own new music.  He added, “I told her, 'we're undefeated together, [...] So, like I think we'll win if we always collaborate and always be positive together. People like that, They gravitate to that. So, I think it's gonna be a good run.” According ABC news radio online, Ray didn’t share any details regarding the album’s release date, but fans can expect the project to drop some point this year. The LP is also reportedly to be aptly titled "RnB," after the duo's respective first initials.

What are you thoughts are you here for it? 🤔

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