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August Alsina Reveals Secret Relationship With Jada Pinkett-Smith In NEW Song?!

In the latest edition of 'Celebrity Stunts and Shows,' singer August Alsina makes a formidable yet controversial comeback to music.

That's right, singer August Alsina has finally made to the studio after conquering a slew of health issues in recent years. And as documented on social media, the R&B crooner seemed largely able to do so through the help and consistent encouragement from his famous friend Jada Pinkett-Smith who was by his side,

Yes, this past week Alsina dropped his remix to Kehlani's song 'Nunya,' and in the song the singer talks about how a woman unwilling/incapable of committing to him has no right to question his affairs with other women. Simple enough right?

However, what really got people talking were the lyrics and music video.

August dubs the lady in question "an actress" and in the lyric video, uses a popular gif of Jada from the 90's film 'A Low Down Dirty Shame.'

To top it all off, the visual depicts a text conversation between him and a woman named "Koren," which just so happens to be Jada's middle name

Yikes... needless to say the internet has had a field day with these little easter eggs. Most fans gladly fed into the idea that Jada and August had a "secret" affair with August while others pointed out the long running, all but confirmed, rumor of Jada having an "open marriage" with her actor hubby Will Smith.

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