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Beyonce Covers Elle Talks Pregnancy Rumors, Formation Tour DVD, & Answers Fan Questions

Queen Bey has blessed us with a very rare interview with Elle Magazine where the multi-hyphenate star addressed various topics from personal to professional in promotion of her latest IVY Park clothing collection. That's right the 38 year old songtress chatted about motherhood, her outlook on success, and much more.

In a Q&A with the mag, Mrs. Carter even answered fan questions from social media and her responses were simply HILARIOUS and hella insightful.

If you want to learn about Queen Bey's funyuns and cuervo cravings and why Prince is to blame for the lack of a Formation Tour DVD head on over to the ELLE website for the full article but we've made sure to give you our top moments from the interview below if you want a quick highlight reel and a good giggle.

Everybody’s weight fluctuates. How does it make you feel when people are constantly commenting on your appearance?"—via Instagram

If someone told me 15 years ago that my body would go through so many changes and fluctuations, and that I would feel more womanly and secure with my curves, I would not have believed them. But children and maturity have taught me to value myself beyond my physical appearance and really understand that I am more than enough no matter what stage I’m at in life. Giving zero 🤬s is the most liberating place to be. Also knowing true beauty is something you cannot see. I wish more people focused on discovering the beauty within themselves rather than critiquing other folks’ grills.

If you could be an animal for a day, would you still be a whale?

I still love whales. And I love being in the ocean. And that video was after a 16-hour press day. Not marijuana!!

I’ve been to every one of your solo tours and the ones with JAY-Z. The Formation World Tour was my favorite. Where is the video? —via Instagram

Years ago, I asked Prince to record my rehearsal with him for our Grammy performance. He said, “You don’t need to record that. You own that in your mind.” Haaaaaaa! Prince always knew best! So, you can always watch the Formation World Tour in your mind; you own that! 🤪

What question do you hate to answer?

Are you pregnant? Get off my ovaries!

What’s your Snapchat name? We know you’re on there.

I hate to say it, I hope I don’t sound ridiculous, but I don’t know what my Snapchat is. Sorry to that Snapchat. 🤪🤫🤐

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