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Blac Chyna's Mom Tokyo Toni Defends Daughter's New Skin Whitening Cream: "All You B****es Need It"

Chyna's mom has her back.

Blac Chyna has been under fire for the past few days after announcing that she would sell skin whitening cream from a brand called Whitenicious in a special event in Nigeria. Many have come to the defence of good taste and non-predatory business ventures, like Nigerian rapper Burna Boy, who said: "you can come and shake your booty sha. But leave that poison in your house." While in Lagos Chyna faced harsh opposition (but also support) for her co-sign of the $250 cream. 

Today, though, Blac Chyna finally has someone in her corner: her mom. Tokyo Toni posted a video on Instagram from the front seat of her car, where she punctuates her indignant defence with authoritative tokes from a blunt:  "you came to her about some skin cream? All you bitches need it, take a layer of that dirt of your fucking face, maybe we might find out who the fuck you really are." For those who were wondering if Chyna herself uses the cream, Toni cleared the air, saying that "she a light skin" and that "she was a baby comin' out my pussy lookin' like some old Italian motherfucker." Chyna was so light that Toni claims: "I forgot who I fucked after that."

Watch the whole video below:

(source: hotnewhiphop)

Whew, all this ratchery tho...



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