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Black Business Spotlight: Nippy Nature Founder Brian "Bronzz" Williamson

Right on the heels of last week's black out Tuesday, in which black consumers vowed to withhold their hard earned money to show how powerful the black dollar is, many are looking at what more they can do to support the community?

One of the biggest ways we all can continue to advocate for the black community is to support black owned businesses. Now more than ever, especially in today's climate it's important that we put forth the extra effort to shop black whenever possible. Which is why I was so happy to chat with Nippy Nature founder Brian "Bronzz" Williamson.

Nippy Nature is a black owned company that offers a wide range of plant based, natural and safe cleaning products for all. Their focus on selecting the best natural ingredients for their products aptly reflects their unwavering dedication to the wellness & well being of their customers.

On how the company came to be, Williamson says:

“ I remember when cleaning houses for a living, and arriving at a customer’s house, with my own supplies and being asked to use their supplies instead of mine. As I began cleaning the bathroom, I had to immediately leave following the application of their desired product. The harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients caused me to stop breathing. As I explained this to the customer, their overwhelming experience of the same effect, left them in a dismay from having a product that worked but has an immediate serious health risk or concern, I knew I wanted to help and so I did.”

Check out our interview with Brian, where we discuss the challenges he faced in getting his company up and running, the many lessons he's learned since and how they've been able to persevere during the pandemic.

For more of our chat with Bronzz click here for the FULL interview!


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