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#BlackGaySlay Spotlight: Eric of Divine Conversations

As society becomes more progressive, more and more people gravitate towards the world of spirituality, astrology, and the unlimited possibilities of the universe. No one understands this better than Eric, a YouTuber, tarot card reader, oracle and so much more.

Eric runs a popular YouTube channel aptly named "Divine Conversations", centered around spiritual guidance and tarot card readings. Despite only starting his channel back in 2018, this multi-talented metaphysic maven has quickly made his mark in the world of tarot. Eric began to gain recognition with his popular Morning Coffee series, where he would draw tarot cards and provide a collective reading for his supporters daily.

His channel then began to blossom into a well rounded video catalog that includes everything from monthly astrology readings, love readings, and occasionally twin flame guidance. Eric himself even opens up about his own experience with his twin flame journey and the tumultuous past with his ex husband which, in part, lead to the inevitable creation of Divine Conversations.

And that is just what makes his videos oh so special. Eric uses his online platform for absolute good by sharing the many lessons he's learned through his gift of tarot card reading. It is rare to find someone who pours pure positivity into the world via the internet, a place that can at times be completely devoid of it.

Since starting his channel, Eric has cultivated a large following of over twenty-five thousand subscribers on YouTube and he continues upload regularly to offer spiritual guidance and wisdom through a lens of no nonsense relatability with a dash of insatiable cheer.

This New York native is a true creative with a bevy of impressive skills. When he isn't uploading videos online you might catch him recording & making music, building computers, or just further honing his craft to better assist his supporters through his readings. His latest foray? Eric told us that he is diving even deeper into the world of astrology and I for one am excited to see how he continues to evolve and elevate his already stellar content.

Check out my FULL interview and reading with him below:

Be sure to check out the Divine Conversations YouTube channel or show your support by visiting his Patreon


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