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#BlackGaySlay Spotlight On: Philaye Films

Now more than ever it is important that we amplify black voices, and I recently chatted with someone who is no stranger to making sure his is heard.

Philip Johnson is a producer, actor, podcast host, and founder of Philaye Films; his independent production imprint that houses projects like 'Black Sex & The City', 'Flip Flop', and more.

The 24 year old Detroit, MI native, takes his perspective and journey as a black gay man and brings them to the screen with an added flair. This is especially true when it comes to his latest series Flip Flop, which pays homage to his days as a track star. Philip not only writes, but also produces, acts in, and directs the series aptly branding himself as burgeoning jack of all trades in the world of entertainment.

Check out the FULL interview here

I recently interviewed Johnson, and given his position as a black business owner & creative, it was the perfect opportunity to discuss his work, Black Lives Matter, and how he finds joy in the midst of today's climate.

Be sure to check out Philip's series Flip Flop and

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