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Dame Dash On 'Surviving R. Kelly' Docu Series: "I've Been Tight About This S**t For Years" (WATCH)


Super producer Dame Dash recently sat down with Hip-Hop Motivation and shared his thoughts on the 'Surviving R.Kelly' Docu-series and his experience with the singer after dating Kelly's former protege Aaliyah. Dame says the late songstress always found it difficult to talk about her past with Kelly but Dash knew that he was a "bad man." and had been upset about it for years. He went onto explain that Kelly's manipulative and inappropriate behavior was the reason why he didn't want any involvement on R.Kelly and Jay-Z's Best of Both Worlds collaborative album because of how he "violated" his then girlfriend.

Check out the FULL interview at the 9:03 mark:

Thoughts?! 🤔


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