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Doja Cat Gets Freaky On Camera In "Cyber Sex" Video

Doja Cat is a freaky camgirl in her new video.

You've all heard her viral hit "Mooo!" but since then, Doja Cat has seriously been establishing herself as one of the most prominent forces in hip-hop. The versatile singer/songwriter/rapper from Los Angeles released her sophomore album Hot Pink today and, after giving it a full listen, you'll realize what she's all about. Throughout the project, her sex appeal is made extremely clear and on tracks like "Cyber Sex," which actually opens up the album, we get a sense that Doja Cat is just one of the freakiest artists out there.

Following her performance on the main stage at the Day N Vegas festival, Doja Cat has dropped the official video for "Cyber Sex" and it's exactly what you would imagine from her. The creative songstress crafts a futuristic wonderland, filled with fantasy, lust and elements of pornography. The star transforms into a camgirl from several years ahead of us, wrapping herself in electrical wires and somehow even making that look stunning.

This is the first video that Doja Cat releases post-Hot Pink. Take a look below and let us know what you think. Don't forget to give the album a spin too!

(via HotNewHipHop)


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