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#FBF: Lil Rel Talks 'The Hate U Give' + NEW Rom Com Remake! [Interview]


It's that time of the week!

Yes, it's flashback Friday and we're taking back to our chat with actor Lil' Rel Howery! While at the red carpet screening for the independent film 'Never Heard,' we spoke to the comedian and sitcom star about his latest projects, plans for a remake of his favorite romantic comedy, and the long standing struggle between fashion and dreaded LA heat.

Check out the interview with our favorite funny man below:

Can we talk about the gems Rel was dropping about having more representation behind the camera to better market black movies!! Not to mention , a 'Fever Pitch' remake?!?!? staring Rel AND the Chicago cubs?!?


Lil Rel's hit show REL airs Sundays @ 9:30/8:30 pm central on FOX!


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