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Five Fan Theories About Nicki Minaj's Mysterious MEGATRON Post!

The QUEEN has returned!!

Yes, after a significant break from social media (and her management), Nicki Minaj is back with a vengeance of MEGA proportions! That's right, the highly decorated emcee took to instagram and twitter to post a mysterious message simply captioned "Megatron," subsequently followed by a slew of BTS shots of what appear to be a new music video. Nothing is confirmed as of yet but Minaj did give her fans a set date of Friday June 21st to look forward to where she will presumably release "Megatron" and break it all zzdown on her Queen Radio show.

But until see below the many fan theories about what exactly Megatron could be.

An all female rap Collaboration?

A few devoted barbz believes that Megatron could hint towards a collaboration between Minaj, her long time buddy & sagittarius sister Trina, and newcomer Meg The Stallion who has openly gushed over her love for Nicki.

An anagram hinting at a Return for Roman

A fan on social media cleverly pointed out that if you rearrange the letters in the word "Megatron" you would have "Get Roman," arguably one of Minaj's most beloved and boldest alter ego.

Some call me Megatron

Some believe "Megatron" will be a new alter ego all together similar to her most recent era that introduced us to "Chun Li"

A Bigger Release? New Perfume? NM5 Album?

Nicki is known to capitalize off of more than music: a successful clothing line stint at K-Mart, her own brand of Myx Moscato, and more notably a hit line of fragrances that typically coincides with past album titles like her scents, Pink Friday and Queen. Could Megatron be the name of her latest fragrance? And if so could Megatron also be the name for NM5?!

Music video & Single release...DUH!

But as most predict Megatron will be just another dope ass single to kick off her new era of music !!!

What are your thoughts?


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