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Here Are The Top Highlights From The 2019 Billboard Awards! (WATCH)

This past Wednesday was the 2019 Billboard Music Awards and the stars were out including Cardi B, Jonas Brothers, Ariana Grande, and many more! That''s right it was a gleaming collection of historic award wins, surprisingly decent performances, and noteworthy moments. So that's why, for better or worse, we will be breaking down the top highlights of the night!

9. Taylor Swift Does Her Best Beychella Impression

8. Jonas Brothers Reunite For Their First Live Award Show Performance In Nearly 10 Years!

7. Madonna Did....well whatever this was with $5 Million Worth of Holograms

6. Ariana Grande SLAYED Her Hit Song '7 Rings' Making Every White Girl Feel Like Bonafide Trap star

5. Cardi B. Cleans Up And Wins a Whopping 6 Awards.

Tying her with Nicki Minaj for most Billboard Award Wins

4. Ciara Channeled Her Inner-Janet/Michael Jackson Reclaiming Her Throne As The Princess Of R&B/Pop

3. Drake Makes A Historic Feat By Winning more than 10 Awards In One Night Breaking Taylor Swift's Record As The Most Awarded Artist In Billboard History.

2. Mariah Carey Being Iconic For 3 Minutes Straight While Accepting The Billboard Icon Award

1. Last But Not Least Paula Muthaf*%# king Abdul !

What was your favorite BBA Moment?


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