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How Keke Palmer WON 2019: Appreciation Post!

Its almost 2020 so I think it's time we talk about how actress, singer host, and Millenial diva Keke Palmer OWNED 2019!

For starters, she starred in not one but TWO hit scripted tv shows: FOX's Star & season 3 of MTV's Scream.

She SECURED the TV Hosting bag with Strahan Sara & Keke #SSK

She starred in the critically acclaimed blockbuster hit Hustlers alongside Jennifer Lopez which grossed over $100M at the box office!

She then posed in what is possibly THE most tasteful yet sexy #playboy magazine spread to date!

Not to mention she gave us this ICONIC gem of a meme that was later repurposed by QUEEN Beyoncé, herself, in a recent Elle Magazine interview #sorrytothisman

Keke was even named one of TIME magazine's Next 100...and rightfully so!

Keke is EVERYTHING I want to be when I grow up..I have to stan!


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