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ICYMI: Jacquees Apologizes To Keith Sweat For "King of R&B" Altercation!


This past Saturday TMZ caught up with KeithSweat to get his thoughts on the ongoing "King of R&B" debate sparked by singer Jacquees who claimed the title for "his generation." Before Keith could answer, the 4275 singer was nearby and got wind of the conversation and ran up on Sweat & the interviewer to say "I'm the king [...] this is the king from back then I'm the king for right now" --insinuating Sweat's reign was over.

Billboard reports that soon after, Jacquees did an interview alongside the NYC-bred icon, Big Tigger, and Tank. Keith Sweat began to recount the incident and the 24-year-old crooner realized how his actions could've been deemed disrespectful, so he rightly apologized to the "Nobody" artist. "We just got in a confrontation. Bro finna try to whoop me or something," Jacquees shared to initially break the tension. Sweat detailed how a camera was stuck in hisface and he actually wanted nothing to do with the king of R&B conversation. "So you need to apologize, young man," Sweat said. "I'm sorry, apologies," the Georgia native quickly replied.

No love was lost and everything seemed to be smoothed over, as the group enjoyed a laugh about the entire situation.

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