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#ICYMI: McDonald's Employee Yasmine James Will Sue After Being Attacked By Customer In Viral Video

In case you missed it Yasmine James, the young lady who was recently attacked while working at her local McDonalds in St. Petersburg, FL, is now planning on suing the corporation for not having better security measures and training for the traumatic experience she recently endured.

James was reportedly attacked after a customer became increasingly irate with her over the restaurant's new policy on straws. The customer, who happens to be a white male, imitates physical contact during their argument by reaching over the counter and grabbing James' collar. The video of the altercation went viral and with little to no information on the aftermath, many commented on the issue of white privilege and entitlement,--citing it as the root of the attack.

It was later reported that the customer was arrested an James was given paid leave but Yasmine is doing all she can to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. In a recent press conference, Yasmine revealed that she would be taking legal action as there was no set protocol or training in place for management to properly handle the situation. James had to fend off the attack by herself and then personally call the police following the incident, as her supervisor seemingly did not know what to do.

James is now fearful to even return to work seeing as though many online users have simplified the back and forth as a race issue. Yasmine says that there are people who are going to be unhappy about the outcome of the customer being arrested and she is concerned about those unhappy people possibly paying her a visit at work.

Watch the FULL interview below:



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