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Jemar Michael Talks Dear White People, Gina Rodriguez, New Role On LGBT Series & More!

If you're anything like me you're fan of the hit Netflix series "Dear White People," the edgy and HILARIOUS dramedy that highlights the modern day college experience for black students/young adults.

That's right, in today's world of BBQ beckys, black-fishing, and the ongoing issue of police brutality, DWP offers a counter balance of meaningful dialogue and relevant stories dedicated to expressing how these characters really feel about those who are seemingly tone deaf to our societal ills.

One character that is NEVER shy about sharing his perspective and is almost always guaranteed to make you laugh while doing so is Al, portrayed by actor Jemar Michael. I recently got the chance to chat with the star about his journey to success, upcoming projects and everything in between...and yes he was just as raw, kind, and incredibly funny as you would imagine.

Nothing was off limits, we talked about everything from his days as a circus performer, to race/the LGBT community, and his very justified frustration with Tik Tok. 

Check out the FULL INTERVIEW here

Follow Jemar Michael on Twitter, Instagram: @jemarmXchael

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