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Kandi Burruss Reveals She Is Using A Surrogate To Expand Her Family

The Burruss and Tucker family should have a new addition coming soon.

Kandi Burruss is known for many things; she’s a member of iconic R&B group Xscape, an award-winning songwriter, an actress, a top reality star, and an entrepreneur, but her favorite hat to wear is the one the reads “mom”.

Burruss, mother of  daughter Riley Burruss, 16, and son Ace Wells Tucker, 2, and wife to television producer Todd Tucker is an active and loving mother who is very vocal about her love for her family.

Kandi recently revealed to US Weekly that she and her husband are seeking to expand their family but the process hasn’t been easy. With Burruss now 42 years old, her chances of a achieving natural conception are smaller, which has led her to seek out other options.

While attempting to conceive baby Ace, Burruss revealed that she had difficulties with IVF and battled fibroids, which made her overall pregnancy a complicated one.

This time around, Burruss and Tucker are seeking a surrogate to carry their baby, but the road to finding the right one has also been a challenge for them.

“When we were going through the IVF process, I did have a couple of friends who had done it, so, you know, I could talk to them, but this is a situation where I don’t have anybody I can talk to.” Kandi shared.

Luckily the couple has narrowed their search down and found someone to carry the newest member of their family.

“We did find someone, and right now we are in the process — you know it hasn’t been done — but we’re in the process.” Kandi shared.

While they are still in the early stages of their decision-making but are certain they will be using a surrogate.



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