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Laverne Cox, Blair Underwood, Yvette Nicole Brown & MORE Join The Cast of Dear White People (WATCH)

It's almost that time again...

Yes, when the triggered masses and selectively sensitive (aka racist) people get all in there feelings about the black excellence that is 'Dear White People'. That's right, the the thought provoking and polarizing series is set to enter it's third season this summer and we are ALL kinds of ready.

For the past two years, Netflix's 'Dear White People' has mastered the art of pushing boundaries on discussions of race and uncovering the ignorance of most in America---while somehow STILL making viewers consistently laugh along the way. This is done not only through the show's brilliant writing but also the amazing actors that embody those characters that we grown to love.

However, like any series that continues to grow and evolve, it doesn't hurt to add in a few new faces to spice up the story...

Check Netflix's Cast Announcement for Dear White People Season 3


Don't get us wrong nw we stan Yvette Nicole Brown, Blair Underwood is forever zaddy, and flavor flav (& Tiffany 'New York' Pollard) will always have a special place in our hearts----but we're most excited to see the amazingly talented Laverne Cox guest star in this upcoming season.

What I personally appreciate about this show is that they don't shy away from the discussing issues of LGBT people within the black community and by having Cox , a proud trans woman, take part in this upcoming season is really a step in the right direction of having more representation of trans women and trans women of color.

Season 3 of Dear White People hits Netflix August 2nd

Will you be watching?


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