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LGBTQ+ Music Group rIVerse Tackle Systemic Racism and Body Positivity On New Album [Interview]

The viral, multi-racial, LGBTQ+ and body-positive pop group rIVerse is breaking the internet. After releasing their newest music video for BaeBeeBoofrom their critically acclaimed album, “Poison IV”, the quartet has been heralded for its innovative, genre-bending aesthetic and inclusive messaging. Some of which tackles themes ranging from body positivity, self love to systemic racism.

Check out our interview with the amazingly talented band below:

Who They Are

rIVerse is an independent Canadian pop and R&B group. The group is comprised of band members Dizz, Monroe, Khadija and Zak.

But this foursome is about much more than just music. In a quote from band leader Dizz, they make their overall objective clear to those who may be unfamiliar, saying:

Our mission is to represent the underrepresented […] We want to empower our fans to know that everybody is uniquely powerful. Whether you’re gay, straight, white, black, young, old, man, woman, petite or plus size you can do, have and be whatever you want.

About the "Poison IV" Album

This album is about truth” says Dizz, “every single song is about our group and our lived experiences”. The varied tracklist oscillates in an enigmatic fashion, defying the group’s late 90s/ early 2000s pop and R&B inspirations, infusing elements of house, edm and kpop. The content of the album, much like poison itself gets progressively more potent, darker and defiant with every song.

Early tracks like “Hold You Down” serve as a triumphant ode to the friendship between the groups’ members (So if we're gonna start categorizing / My friend you ain't a friend / No pacifying / God's honest, bitch you blood… I’ma hold you down), while “Angel Boy”, the album’s most straightforward R&B ballad, explores the struggles of coming to terms with one’s own queerness (My religion says I'm bad to the bone / Mama and Daddy ain't about it / He's ready to hang up the phone / Runt of the litter, a path I did not choose), ultimately concluding on stand out track “Stand Up”, a starkly political anthem written in response to the murder of Ahmaud Arbery and the ensueing black lives matter movement.

Fun Facts About rIVerse

  • The group met 9 years ago during an audition for a stage production of High School Musical 2

  • The group’s band leader, Dizz was a backup dancer for Hillary Duff and R&B artist Keshia Chante

  • All 4 members of rIVerse identify as queer

  • Zak and Monroe both appeared on season 6 of Canadian Idol, but never met

Be sure to follow rIVerse on their social media platforms and

stream their latest album 'Poison IV'


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