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Rapper, and apparent ghostwriter, Lil Yachty recently revealed that he wrote 2019's latest female rap twerk anthem and the internet is all kinds of SHOOK!

For those who love the rising rap duo, City Girls, please allow us to introduce you the group secret third member, Lil Yachty. That's right, the 21 year old hip hop newbie is definitely cementing his place in music both in and out of the booth. The nautically named emcee, known for his solo hits and features, is apparently the mastermind behind the poetic and wise words teen girls everywhere are singing:

"Real ass bitch give a f--k bout a n---a, big birkin bag hoe 5-6 figures"

I'm sorry, I'm a little emotional, it gets me every single time

Yes, Lil Yachty is not only credited as a songwriter on the hit City Girls song 'Act Up,' but he spilled all the tea on just how involved he really was in the writing process.

Check out the FULL story below from TheSource:

In an interview with Kerwin Frost, the Teenage Emotions rapper set the record straight about how much he contributed to the song because people assumed he was credited with only a couple lines. According to this interview, the only part he didn’t write was JT’s last verse. This could be true because JT does have writing credits on the song alongside her label mate and Isaac Earl Bynum.

“He may have said like one thing in the studio and they credit him,” Yachty said. “I wrote the whole song except for JT’s last verse. But everything that everyone is singing and all. I wrote the whole thing.”

“I just thought like them. I know them personally,” he said. “I know what women like to hear…what’s just some raunchy shit?”


Wow, so not only did we find out that Lil Yachty is the ratchet whisperer but we also learned that Yung Miami uses a full time ghostwriter...interesting.



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