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LisaRaye McCoy On Nicole Murphy Scandal: "She Went After My Ex-Husband too!"


So in case you missed it, Nicole Murphy--socialite and former wife of comedian Eddie Murphy--has been in some hot water lately after paparazzi caught her kissing director Antoine Fuqua.

Why the scandal, you ask? Well, It just so happens Fuqua is the longtime husband of actress, Lela Rochon known for her breakout role in the 90's classic 'Waiting To Exhale.'

Well after the news hit social media, LisaRaye commented on a post from theshaderoom insinuating that this is wasn't Nicole's first time foray with a married man.

That's right and when TMZ caught up with 'The Player's Club' beauty, she spilled ALL the tea on how Nicole was involved in the downfall of her former marriage to the prime minister of Turks & Caicos.

Check out the FULL clip below:


Well Lela has since deactivated her social media pages, while Nicole has reportedly insisted that she and Antoine are nothing more than "family friends" and has apologized for how the "friendly" moment between the two may have been perceived...



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