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[LISTEN]: Lil Nas X Drops NEW Single Rodeo Featuring Cardi B

The latest young star on the rise is Lil Nas X!

The 20 year old rapper just released his debut EP titled '7' which features his massive billboard hit song Old Town Road ft. Billy Ray Cyrus. Aside from Cyrus, the project includes another A-list collaboration among the limited track list.

Yes, Lil Nas X's song Rodeo features the one and only Cardi B. and sure enough the Bronx bombshell brought another fire verse filled with violent threats, reminders of her thuggish reputation and oddly enough a reference to her favorite tv show.

With X's increasing popularity and few bars branded with Cardi's signature thick New York accent, it sounds like we got a massive HIT on our hands! But don't just take our word for it,...

Check out the track after the jump to judge for yourself:



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