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Loni Love Talks New Boyfriend, The Real, & Dealing With Colorism In Madam Noire Interview!

Emmy winning talk show host, acclaimed actress, and hilarious stand up comedienne Loni Love recently sat down with Madam Noire and of course she kept it all they way REAL!

That's right, the once self-proclaimed "satisfied and single" lady opened up about her new relationship, a very recent & poignant phone call she had with actor Jussie Smollett, and the unfair pressure she feels to censor herself on hit daytime talk show "The Real."

That's right, in the interview, Love reveals that she is very mindful of the way she is comes across on the show because she is the "darkest and biggest" girl on the panel. Loni makes it clear that even though her co-hosts are also women of color, there are audiences who will notice the disparities in skin tone and size, and judge her more harshly.

This concept, of course, plays into what is known as 'colorism', and while it is an unfortunate reality of our society, it is great to see some be so candid on the subject.

Check out the FULL video below:



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