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Michael B. Jordan Told Chrissy Teigen And Ellen DeGeneres What Goes Down In His DMs!


This is NOT a drill. We repeat, this is NOT a drill...


If you've crushin' on Killmonger, the time to shoot your shot is NOW!

That's right, in recent interview, actor Michael B. Jordan shared some some shocking revelations regarding his romantic life. The 'Black Panther' bachelor chatted with Ellen and (for some beautifully odd reason) co-host Chrissy Tiegen. During the conversation Jordan's love life came up and things got hella interesting.

While Degeneres played comedically coy around the topic, Tiegen, known tell-like-it-is attitude, straight up asked Michael "have you ever hooked up via diret messages?"

and his reply gave hope to all thirtbuckets (like myslef) everywhere

His response? " I have, I have [...] I'm human [...] not often but yes, I have"


Check out the FULL clip below:

A visual representation of me getting ready to press send on this 'U up?' DM to MBJ



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