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Mo’Nique Announces That She's Suing Netflix + Here's Why!

Comedienne Mo'Nique is showing us that inequality of any sort is no laughing matter. As you may remember the award wining actress and veteran comic made waves last year in 2018 when she declared a boycott against Netflix after receiving a shockingly low offer from the streaming service for a stand up special.

The 'Precious' star claimed that she was being offered only a fraction of what her male/ white female counter parts like Dave Chappelle and Amy Schumer were paid for their respective specials. The Academy award winner made no bones about calling out the streaming company for "gender bias and color bias" and now Mo is taking things a step further by taking legal action.

Read more after the jump via ThatGrapeJuice:

Mo’Nique has declared war.

The revered and highly respected comedian is suing Netflix for what she says was race-based discrimination because of the way it handled a comedy special she hoped to build with them.

She believes she, and other women linked to the company, have been subjected to unfair treatment and gave a number of examples in the lawsuit she launched at them this week.

TMZ tells all…

She claims Netflix has a severe lack of diversity, which contributes to their discriminatory practices. Specifically, she claims one Netflix exec. — the Chief Communications Officer — used the n-word in a meeting with 60 people in 2018. Mo’Nique was not present for that meeting.
She also claims Netflix allowed Kevin Spacey to use the n-word while on the set of “House of Cards” without any consequence. In the suit, she alleges Spacey complained to his personal security guards, “I don’t want [n-words] on my set anymore.” She’s not suing Spacey.

Spacey is accused of raping several *young men.

There’s more.

Mo’Nique also used a major pay gap on the Netflix hit, “The Crown,” to illustrate alleged discrimination. She says the actress who plays Queen Elizabeth II was paid $14k per episode less than the actor who played Prince Philip — and it only righted the wrong after there was a public outcry about it.

She is suing for unspecified damages and would like the company to change its discriminatory policies.


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