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Monica Drops Brand NEW Video For "Commitment" Directed By Teyana Taylor!

Monica is back and she is taking no prisoners...mainly because she is the prisoner. That's right in the video for her new track "Commitment," the R&B songstress is serving us some serious 'Orange Is The New Black' vibes...and we are HERE FOR IT!

Yes, Monica or as her fans lovingly call her "Goonica" is returning to her gangstress roots with the mid tempo banger. The video follows The 'So Gone,' singer around what seems to be a wildly lenient women's prison after she attempts to kill her ex lover for presumably not being committed.

Directed by the inventor of Body Goals, Teyana Taylor, the visual stars Brown alongside fellow music pals Tiny Harris, Summerella, and more.

Check out the video in FULL after the jump:

This is straight FIRE!!! Yes, the concept of women resorting to violence after their man cheats has been overdone in music videos and is a tried and true go-to for Monica but hey...if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Not to mention, it's rare to see the aftermath of an actual jail cell setting played out in in a music video, especially ones that allow inmates to wear full lashes and 8 inch nails. But nontheless it is great to see Monica back it her element once again, kicking ass and singing her heart out!



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