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Monique Heart Debuts 'Brown Cow Stunning' Music Video


Let the choir sing "You see a giraffe... I see a brown coooow! (brown cow brown cow)"

Yes, the one and only Monique Heart is back to give us the moo-ah-ah sensation with the official music video for her highly anticipated single "Brown Cow Stunning" and we are so here for it! That's right, after stealing the hearts of America on the Emmy-winning tenth season of Rupaul's Drag Race, Heart is taking her signature phrase and milking it for all it's worth.


Heart first debuted the track late last year on RPDR All Stars 4, where she's currently slaying the competition, and now that 2019 is here the catchphrase queen has delivered a visual well worth the wait.

Check out the FULL video below:

Yaaasss...She's a PRODUCTION!

This video is everything -- the Vocals, the hair whipping choreo, and just the right amount of light-hearted sponge shade. In short, it was...



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