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Not This Again: Naturi Naughton & Kiely Williams Rehash KFC Controversy!

Naturi Naughton is an acclaimed film/tv and broadway actress, but before she was able to fully sustain a career in acting she tried her hand at her first love, music.

As you may remember Naughton started in an R&B girl group named 3LW alongside 'The Real' talkshow host Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams--who both went onto Disney fame as apart of the Cheetah Girls franchise. after the trio split.

Nearly 17 years later, how the three ladies parted ways has officially gone down in the history books of pop culture infamy, and in new her TVOne 'Uncensored' special Naughton is spilling ALLLL the tea on what really happened!

Check it out after the jump:

It was the chicken slap heard round the world! But Naturi's former group member seems to remember the vents quite differently.

Yikessss! So I know what you may be thinking....

But this isn't the first time these two have disagreed about this particular situation. If you remember, at the time, these three ladies were expected to follow in the footsteps of Destiny's Child,...but after the chicken catastrophe these teen dreamgirls were irreparably broken.

That's right, ironically, the trio quickly turned into a two-piece and the remaining ladies went onto TRL to dispute the rumors at the time and their explanation was shaky to say the least.

But if you remember, just before their TV appearance, Naturi confirmed the reports on Wendy Williams' radio show and funny enough her story has remained unchanged since.

Even in her VladTV interview from a few years back, she maintains the initial story with the same exact details.

And former group member Bailon, reunited with Naughton, and made it a point to -cringely- publicly apologize to her childhood friend about all that went down with the group.

So who do you think is telling the truth?!?! On another note Naturi is also spilling the deets on her misunderstanding/ half-cooked beef with Lil after she took on the role of the rapper in the 2009 biopic 'Notorious'...

And these are just the TEASERS!! The special air April 14th

Will you be watching Naturi on TVOne's Uncensored?


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