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RHOA: Porsha Williams Posts Shocking Private Texts From Castmate Nene Leakes Amid Voice Over Drama!

Oop! Looks like the war of wigs and baby bumps has been reignited and the door is once again CLOSED between The Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Nene Leakes & Porsha Williams.

Thats right, following the explosive 17th episode of season 11, where Nene allegedly gets physical with a pregnant Porsha after entering her bedroom closet without permission, Leakes went online to clarify just exactly what had happened.

Nene took to social media to claim that she never put her hands on any of her cast mates during the filming of the episode and when fans asked about hearing WIlliams scream and shakily say "I'm scared," during the altercation, Leakes clarified that Porsha recorded the sound byte in a studio afterwards and it was then added in post production similar to a voice over.

Check out the FULL fight and explanation below:

Nene then WENT IN even FURTHER on the rest of her cast mates on a recent live stream aptly titled "read and shade." Hit the 10:40 mark, for the Porsha tea below:

Well this didn't seem to set too well with Williams so of course she laid it AWLLL out on the table by posting a series of (since deleted) private text messages between she and Nene just days after she gave birth to her newborn daughter.

And the exchange was entertaining to say the least.....

In conclusion we think its needless to say...

Thirsty for more drama... the RHOA season 11 reunion is slated to air Sunday, April 7th on Bravo! Will you be watching?


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