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Rita Ora + John Legend Clocked For Lip-Syncing At The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Grammy winning artist John Legend, British singer Rita Ora, and more performers from the Thanksgiving Macy's Day parade were the talk of the town after this year's televised holiday celebration.

Thats right legend pulled off a impressive set but many noticed that something seemed a bit off. While Ora FULLY struggled through lip-synching her new single, “Let You Love Me.”

And the internet, without hesitation, put them both on BLAST!!...

And Rita got READ ZOWN!!!

But to be fair, most users seemed less bothered by the actual lip-syncing and more so upset with her lack of ability to keep up with the words to her own song.

Yikes! but all in all, RIta took it like a champ with a classy and understanding come back regarding the harsh comments about her performance.

While John came with the FACTS!!!

But truly where is the lie though? We all are no stranger to seeing celebrities lip sync for "live" performances. Especially in weather conditions of extreme cold.

Less we not forget Beyonce's inauguration situation...


Or Mariah's now infamous New Year's debacle..


...or literally anything Queen Britney Spears does


If these legendary divas can get away with it, surely we can cut these two some slack!


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