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Shade Or Nah?: Nicki Minaj Calls Out Meek Mill On Stage + He Responds With Sub Tweets!

Oop! Looks like exes NickI Minaj and Meek Mill may be in a bit of a shade war! 👀 In case you missed it: This past weekend Nicki Minaj took the stage at this year's FOMO festival and while performing her hit song Barbie Dreams--the fierce femcee elaborated on the infamous lyric that mentions Meek. In the video above Minaj departed from the usual playfulness of the song to repeat the line and add: "Meek still be in my dms I be having to duck him [...] I could tell these n***as secrets but I wont" Well after the clip of the performance made its way around the web, Meek seemingly clapped back in a few tweets, that in part read " Why you be so mad at me and not the people that came right at your neck"...He continued by letting it be known that he could expose whomever he was referring to by adding "leave me alone you know I get a lil outta control with the truth" 😬🤭 Yikes...

Thoughts?! 🤔


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