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Social Media React to 'Cats' Trailer Starring Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Idris Elba & MORE!

This past week, the trailer for Tom Hopper's film adaptation of the broadway classic 'Cats' hit the web and people have.....a lot of feelings about it....

Yes, the upcoming film will bring Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical classic to a theater near you and starring some of you favorite famous faces like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Idris Elba, Jason Derulo, James Corden, Judy Dench and more!...At least we think that's who we saw....we couldn't see much past our fingers shielding our eyes from the horror.

Unsure of what we mean? Well just....

Check out the trailer after the jump:

That's right, after the trailer premiered, featuring an ungodly amount of CGI and special effects, some couldn't make out the identities of their favorite actors. Let alone wrap their brain around the horrifying result of digitally combining feline and human features.

So, in summation the trailer for the 'Cats' movie is nice heavy dose of nightmare fuel.

But we'll still probably watch because.....p*** should never turn down p***y!



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