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[STREAM]: Mariah Carey’s New Album Caution

Looks like Christmas came early for the Lambily!

Yes, the season of Mariah is upon us and we couldn't be happier about it! The legendary singer is back and better than ever with her 15th studio album titled Caution. Hot on the heels of her meme-heavy hit 'GTFO' and solid singles like “With You,” “The Distance” (featuring Ty Dolla $ign) Carey has officially blessed us with a FULL album of bops!

Take a listen to some of our favorite cuts from 'Caution' below:

YAAASSSSS!!! We are here for ALLL of this!! The 10 track EP flawlessly blends the best of 90's old school melodies with a modern/more current take on lyrics proving that Queen Mimi truly reigns supreme.


Mariah, who was recently nominated for the Songwriters Hall of Fame, will be performing new Caution cuts on her upcoming world tour, which begins in February of next year!


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