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WARNING: The following story takes the concept of "Hangry" to a ...


That's right, according to The Daily Mail, Tamar Braxton refused to return for her second act performance in Snoop Dogg's musical during a matinee show in Washington, D.C. on Sunday.

The Grammy nominated singer stars alongside the Dogg Father, himself, in his autobiographical production, Redemption of a Dogg. However, during one of their latest shows, Braxton ditched her cast and 'stormed out' at intermission after she did not get her food delivery, a source revealed.

The Daily Mail reports:

During the 3pm show, audience members became agitated when the announced 15-minute intermission stretched to a little more than an hour.
Comedian named Red Grant, who opened the show, returned to the stage and told the crowd there was a 'technical difficulty' and the producers of the show wanted to work through it to 'make sure everything is right.'
Shortly thereafter, the show resumed, and when the angel character that had been previously played by Braxton reemerged.

Apparently, Tamar had asked her close friend to bring her food during the show's intermission but unfortunately Braxton failed to inform security of her delectable delivery. Because of this, Braxton's friend was denied backstage clearance, and Tamar did not receive her food which caused the hungry high-note hitter to cause a bit of a scene, according to reports:

'This isn't my first rodeo as it pertains to live theater, but I've never, ever seen anyone quit over something like this and disappoint their fans this way. She was completely hysterical and totally out of control,' a witness said. 
This was just one of several incidents that had taken place with Braxton since the show launched October 5 in Houston. The producers of the show urged Braxton to calm down and remain for the second half of the play but the temperamental star refused. She kept screaming, "she's not here for this," talking about herself in the third person and then saying, "I'm so sick of this s**t,"' Then she said, "you can do this damn show without her," again, addressing herself in the third person.' [...] Snoop even attempted to rationalize with his co-star to convince her to finish the show, but not even he could keep her from storming out of the building. (Daily Mail)

Tamar reportedly returned to the venue for the second show following the matinee performance but after leaving the audience and cast members high and dry, the producers had already announced she wasn't going to be in this show.

However, the evening show was still sold out despite ticket-holders thinking Braxton wouldn't be appearing. 'I was told that they refunded like 10 tickets between the two shows,' the source explained.




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