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Trey Songz Confirms He Is a Father to a Baby Boy Named Noah: 'We Are Blessed and Overjoyed'

From Zaddy to full blown father, Trey Songz just crushed the dreams of countless hopeful baby mamas, with one adorable photo.

That's right, the R&B crooner is officially taking on the role of daddy daycare with his beautiful newborn son. Rumors ran ramped on social media days ago after the 'Slow Motion' singer posted a picture of him holding a baby's foot. Well now, Songz has posted a full photo of his adorable bundle of joy with a caption that confirmed, "My son Noah. We are blessed and overjoyed. Peace 🙏🏾,”

While we're sure that, Mr. Steal-your-girl won't be turning into Mr. Mom any time soon, due to his rockstar schedule. However, it is beautiful to see him so proudly showing off his new blessing, which is surely an indicator of any loving and devoted parent.



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