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Trey Songz Releases New Song Inspired by Jill Scott's Microphone Magic!


Trey Songz is NOT letting Jill Scott forget about her now infamous viral video

Thats right, after making its rounds on black twitter, the video of Jill Scott performing her 2007 hit "Crown Royal" while simulating oral sex with the microphone, is now serving as the sole inspiration for Trey Songz' latest track!

Yes, Mr. Steal-your-girl is back to yodel the panties off of women everywhere once again but this time it seems like he only has one lady in particular in mind.

Trey Songz took to Twitter to share his new song aptly titled "Jill (Sumn Real)." The track samples Jill Scott's "He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat)" from her debut album Who Is Jill Scott? --and a screenshot of the viral video performance properly makes its way to the single's cover art.

Take a listen:

Trigga Trey isn't the only celeb who felt "inspired" by Jill's mic work. Amber Rose wanted to be Jill Scott’s microphone. Even 50 Cent got into the craze too! In a post on Instagram, 50 wrote: “Oh sh*t, Jill Scott just got my d*ck hard.”

Jill has officially ressurected R&B--Not only did she go viral and broaden her fan base to include horny adult men everywhere but she is now responsible for what might be Trey Songz ' sexiest comeback yet

These are great times for the "auntie" community!



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