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Umm, Sure: Stevie J + Faith Evans Say Notorious B.I.G. Would Definitely Approve Of Their Marriage!

Newlyweds Stevie J and Faith Evans are still glowing after tying the knot in July. The big question on everyone’s mind since they’ve gotten together is “how would The Notorious B.I.G. feel about this?” Well, thanks to TMZ’s Raquel Harper, we now know the answer.

Harper recently interviewed the Jordans on her new BET show Raq Rants. Known to get straight to the point, she asks Stevie and Faith how Biggie would feel about their relationship given their friendship and the fact that Stevie’s the godfather to Faith and Biggie’s son Christopher, Jr. “Listen, it’s twenty something years later. I’m sure he’d be happy that she’s happy. And I’m sure he’d be doing his thing, too.”

Faith also brought up a good point: People tend to forget that she had a whole 14-year marriage (to ex-husband Todd Russaw) after her relationship with Biggie.


Therefore, she doesn’t think her dating life would be of concern to him if he were alive. She goes on to say that maybe if she dated someone within her deceased ex-husband’s camp Lil’ Cease, that would be a bit sketchy.

All in all, Stevie and Faith conclude that they’re happy enjoying their combined ten children, and that everyone is one big, happy blended family. Who can be mad at that?

In case you weren’t aware, Stevie J worked hard to make Faith his wife. In this clip from “Leave It To Stevie,” Stevie visits Faith Evans for the first time since their rocky breakup.



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