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[WATCH]: 'Dumplin' Trailer Featuring Jennifer Aniston, Harold Perrineau, Ginger Minj & MORE!


Ginger Minj and Harold Perrineau together in drag is everything I never knew I needed until JUST now!

That's right and soon we will get our fill of all of this fabulousness and more in the upcoming movie 'Dumplin.' Check all the details on the film below

Via Deadline:

Rosie Dickson is the queen of her small Texas town’s pageant scene. Her daughter Willowdean is … not. But she’s about to flip the script on Mom’s world: “Enough is enough,” the girl tells her best friend. “I think I’m gonna sign up for the pageant.”

She adds, “It’s gonna be like a protest in heels.”

Here’s the trailer for Netflix’s Dumplin’,starring Patti Cake$ breakout Danielle Macdonald as Willowdean, an outspoken plus-sized teenager who’s known as Will to her friends and Dumplin’ to her mother (Jennifer Aniston), a former beauty queen who now runs the local Miss Teen Blue Bonnet pageant. Will confidently ignores comments about her weight and listens to Dolly Parton songs obsessively. Her bold move of entering Mom’s pageant encourages other contestants to follow in her footsteps, redefining the town’s traditions in the process.

The cast also includes Odeya Rush, Luke Benward, Dover Cameron, Harold Perrineau and Bex Taylor-Klaus. Anne Fletcher directs from a script by Kristin Hahn based on Julie Murphy’s book.

Netflix will release the film in select theaters December 7th, day-and-date with its streaming bow. Check out the trailer above, dig on those Parton classics, and tell us what you think.

(Source: Deadline)


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