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[WATCH]: HILARIOUS Liza Minelli 73 Questions With Vogue Parody (MUST SEE)

Liza Minelli is undeniable LEGEND and true LGBT ICON...but she's also THE most entertaining person to impersonate. That's right, from her quirky cadence in speaking to her signature sequined looks, Liza is a character all by herself!

In the past, stars like SNL's Kristen Wiig and Rupaul's Drag Race's Alexis Michelle have taken on the task of embodying Minelli but now comedian Matteo Lane has decided to try his hand at tackling the same feat and dare we say, this might be the best one yet!

Yes, in the spirit of Vogue Magazine's 73 Question interviews, Lane shows us what he thinks it might be like if the Brodway star was asked to be apart of the Mag's viral video series.

Check it out after the jump:


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