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[WATCH]: Issa Rae's Entrepreneur Acceptance Speech Is EVERYTHING!!

Issa Rae is what is known as a multi-hyphenate. She is a writer, actress, producer and overall renaissance woman. As a matter of fact when accepting her Entrepreneur award at the Women In film ceremony, Rae channeled her inner emcee skills.

That's right, Issa made it a point to challenge the all too familiar practice of women being overtly humble. While accepting the Women In Film Emerging Entrepreneur Award earlier this week Rae told the crowd that when writing her speech, she was inspired by the braggadocios rhymes in hip hop.

“As women we tend to downplay ourselves. We tend to dim our light and we’re kind of conditioned socially to be humble. And I grew up in the age of hip hop…and none of my favorite artists are humble, So in writing my speech, I decided to embrace this moment in honor of them.”

Issa then proceeded to talk her ish: “I’m the first so you future hoes need to bow down unless you’re ready to catch my fade with your weak ass. I’m closing all doors behind me, so if you didn’t make it in, oops, your bad.”

“Entrepreneur means I did that shit by myself,” she continued as the audience erupted in applause and laughter.

Check out the FULL speech below:




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