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[WATCH]: Kevin Hart Is "Evaluating" His Oscars Hosting Decision After Sit Down With Ellen!

Kevin Hart recently visited the Ellen Degeneres show for an exclusive one hour interview and during the chat the host revealed that she contacted the Academy to bridge the gap in in communication after Hart was threatened to be nixed for his past controversial tweets. Kevin expressed his hesitation with going back as the Oscars host but later ended the chat by saying he would be "evaluating" his choice to return after his conversation with Ellen

Check out the FULL clips after the jump.

As you may recall we previously reported on the controversy when the story first broke. Both then and now, we understand the complexity of the situation and acknowledged Kevin's tremendous growth since. It's important to also note Hart's apology to the LGBT community even after officially stepping down from the gig which in our opinion only further speaks to his character and his remorseful sentiment on the issue.

We hope that the academy finds a way to rectify their previous stance that disregarded Hart's previous apologies and strides in becoming a more conscious and inclusive in his comedy.

Thoughts?! 🤔


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