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[WATCH]: Nicki Minaj Drops Twerk-tastic Music Video For 'Good Form' ft. Lil Wayne!

Nicki Minaj has just debuted a brand new music video for her single, 'Good Form.' Thats right, the track has been critically acclaimed by many since its release from Minaj's fourth studio album Queen and now the booty-shaking bop has officially earned it's own show stopping visual with an added twist!

Last week, during the may-lay of Thanksgiving festivities and Black Friday madness, Nicki announced that premiere of the 'Good Form' music video would include a remixed version featuring her long time collaborator and mentor, Lil Wayne.

Despite, mixed reactions ( and memes ) about the added feature, fans generally trusted Nicki's creative intuition and waited with baited breath for the clip. Today, Minaj and Wayne fed their fans a buffet of epic visuals as they dropped the video for their latest collab.

The 'Good Form' video is truly a masterpiece of iconic looks, gag worthy moments and an impressive amount of synchronized twerking. Check out the video after the jump!

Okay, Nic!!! That's how feel....


Can we talk about this glorious blessing of a video?!?!


First off, who knew Wayne would be such a PERFECT addition to this song...I can't front, I definitely doubted his ability to fit & flow within a track so lyrically driven from the female perspective but now I don't know what life was before his verse!

Secondly, can we talk about the LOOKS!!

Not to mention, you can get this type of furniture IKEA

Also Nic, we need this snack chain & GF lyric T-shirt, WHAT'S GOOD?!

She even gave us the Young Money reunion we never knew we needed!

And of course, we appreciated EVERYTHING that was happening in this particular scene.

All in all, I think 'Good Form' stands to rival Minaj's most legendary music videos like 'Superbass' and even 'Anaconda' but what did you think of the video, were you here for it?


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