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[WATCH]: Nicki Minaj Sings in Spanish in New Single 'Tusa' With Karol G

I'm sorry retirement? We don't know her.

Yes, seems like Nicki Minaj has changed her mind when it comes to stepping away from the mic. As you may remember, the rapstress announced just a couple of months ago that she would be retiring from music. Since then, the self proclaimed Harajuku barbie has appeared on multiple singles and released a popular collaboration line with Fendi inspired by her 2018 billboard hit 'Chun-Li'.'

Now, Minaj is back with another banger alongside Latin pop star Karol G and we must say the track and visual is straight....FUEGO!!....yep, i know I hate me too for that last "joke." Nevertheless, hit the jump to read how it all came about and watch the mesmerizing music video.

(Via ETOnline)

Two queens! It’s a partnership we never saw coming. Nicki Minaj and Karol G are closing out the year with a new song together, "Tusa." The bilingual track and music video dropped on Thursday and it sees Minaj flexing her Spanish-language skills. 

The "Barbie Dreams" singer sports two lavish ensembles in the music video: a white floor length gown paired with diamonds and a sexy hot pink dress encrusted with crystals. "¿Qué pasa contigo? Dímelo," Minaj says on the hot track, which translates to, "What happened to you? Tell me." 

Meanwhile, Karol appears as an angel fallen out of the sky. She sparkles in a sheer glittery two-piece jumpsuit. The look is accentuated with godless-like platinum locks. 

The song was produced by Karol’s long-time collaborator Ovy on the Drums and written by Ovy, Karol, Minaj and Keytin. The music video was filmed in Los Angeles and directed by Mike Ho of Cinema Giants.

"Tusa," which translates to heartbreak in Colombian slang, is yet another track in recent years that sees English-speaking singers make a considerable effort to sing in Spanish or collab with a Latinx artist. This sort of partnership is something Karol G thought was untenable growing up. 

"I’m so happy to be a part of this moment in music. I grew up watching anglo artists and thinking they were so unreacheable," Karol told ET earlier this year. "Spanish-language music has come such a long way, it’s global now. I love seeing how English-speaking artists want to collaborate with Latino artists. And, how I’m able to be part of an American song and bring my urban flair."

The Colombian singer, who is a profound Rihanna fan, also teased an upcoming collaboration with Cardi B. 

"I have music with many artists, songs that have not come out," she told ET. "There is a song with Cardi B... but it’s not her song, it has several artists participating in the song. I hope it comes out very soon. [We] are already [looking over] video dates to record it."


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