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[WATCH]: Orlando Brown Claims Michael Jackson Is His Father In Disturbing Appearance On Dr. Phil


This past week, actor and former child star, Orlando Brown made an appearance on Dr. Phil to explain his outlandish antics and bizarre behavior over recent years.

That's right, from his drug-related legal troubles and questionable interview quotes, to the suspicious tattoos of his former co-stars--Brown appears to be experiencing what can only be best described as a his "Britney moment."

Once revered for his lovable portrayal of characters like "3J" in 'Family Matters' or "Eddie Thomas" in 'That's So Raven," Brown was seemingly on track to having a fulfilling a formidable career. However, Orlando has seemingly fallen out of the Hollywood loop since his cameo in the box-office hit "Straight Outta Compton," which appears to be his last major on screen role at this time.

The actor and his cat-eyed contacts sat down with host Dr. Phil to discuss what really happened with his career (short answer: drugs) and how he is attempting to get things back on track.

In the interview, Brown states that he is sober but his clams of being the long lost son of Michael Jackson and having a a myriad of bebe's kids leads us to think otherwise. Check out a few clips below:

All shade aside, it is evident that Orlando's mental health is not a hundred percent where it should or needs to be but we are hoping he finds his peace and clarity soon so he can continue to share his talents with the world.



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