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[WATCH]: Raz B. Storms Off Stage During Nashville Show of Millenium Tour + Is B2K Over For Good?

B2K‘s reunion tour has hit yet another ‘Bump Bump Bump.’

The quad’s ‘Millennium Tour’ trek has been thrilling audiences Stateside since setting sail earlier this month, however it’s been proving a personal battle for member Raz-B.

Extremely vocal in past years about “negative” forces surrounding the group (*cough cough* Chris Stokes *cough*) it seems as though being back in the fold is drumming up certain emotions.

First, he dramatically quit the tour only to return hours later; then he publicly spoke about not feeling safe due to his sense that the group’s controversial ex manager was “nearby.”

Now, just moments ago in Nashville, the 33-year-old stormed off-stage mid performance.

However, it wasn't long before the group seemingly made amends and agreed to continue on the tour together. So, we'll see how long it lasts...


(Source: ThatGrapeJuice)


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