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[WATCH]: Real DragWives Of Chicago Featuring Aunty Chan, Saltine, T Rex & More!

It's finally here! Yes, the very first installment of Real DragWives of Chicago has now premiered and it is pure comedic gold!

That's right, the rowdyhouse production combines the ridiculousness of The Real Housewives franchise and the irreverence of sketch comedy shows like SNL and MadTV all wrapped in a campy bouquet of drag fierceness. Not to mention, the clip stars some of our favs in drag royalty like T Rex, Aunty Chan, Bambi Banks Coulee, Saltine and Maureen SanDiego!

Check out the hilarious video below:

Excuse us, as we pry ourselves off the floor from laughing so damn hard!! This is a perfect reminder that drag excellence exists and thrives outside the realm of television and the platform of Rupaul's Drag Race.

With that being said, I NEED this on my TV NOOOWW!!


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