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[WATCH]: Sam Smith Debuts NEW Music Video For 'How Do You Sleep?'

Sam Smith has a brand new video and it is deliciously diva-rific!...yes I am aware that it's not an actual word but after watching this video, nothing else seemed to aptly describe it's true amazingness and therefore it deserves it's own vocabulary.

That's right, Sam Smith is back at it again with another bop along with a video that is sure to have everyone talking. In his latest video for his new track, 'How Do You Sleep,' Smith is in rare form. The 'Like I Can' crooner takes a stern departure from his usual dejected disposition, in past music videos and cranks it up a notch in a serious way.

In the new video for 'HDYS,' the 7X Grammy winner implements a fierce mixture of heels, choreography and half-naked back up dancers in a production that is flawlessly flowy and unapologetically flamboyant.

Check it out after the jump:



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