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[WATCH]: Shangela STUNS At 2019 GLAAD Awards + Gets Standing Ovation From Queen Bey Herself!

This past week Beyonce and Jay-Z received the Vanguard award at the 30th annual GLAAD Media Awards,. The award is said to be presented for their work allies who have made a significant difference in promoting acceptance of LGBTQ people. During their acceptance speech Jay proudly mentioned his mother, whom in recent years came out to the public, while Beyonce honored her late uncle who she tearfully referred to as "the most fabulous gay man [she] had ever known."

But the night was far from somber, the awards ceremony largely focused on celebrating the LGBTQIA community & its progress thus far, and what better way to do that than with a tribute performance by one of our personal favorite drag queens Shangela.

That's right, the Debutantess of Texas gave her fellow home-state honoree a lipsync performance that'll get you on your feet and make you shout Halleloo!

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